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Women Build 2021

Hope | Opportunity | Miracle | Empower

Our goal for the Women Build is to empower women throughout the process. From the women volunteering their time, women donating to fund the project, and our Women Build Angel's advocating for the cause, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this amazing effort in our community!

Beth BraselWomen Build Chairwoman
What is Women Build?

Coming together to build stronger, safer communities.

Women from the FM area will join together for a multi-day effort to build a home alongside low-income hardworking families in the community. A committee of 9 women and thousands of volunteers work together to raise the funds for the project. Monies raised will support the construction of new, affordable homes in Cass and Clay Counties.

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How to Get Involved

Become a Women Build Angel

Volunteer regularly, learn new skills, and work alongside diverse groups of women from our community. Your ongoing commitment as a Women Build Angel makes you an asset on site and contributes to the success of our builds.

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