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What is the ReStore?

The Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a home improvement outlet store. We are open to the public, and sales generated from the stores support the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate: building affordable homes alongside families in need. Our inventory includes donated appliances, cabinets, furniture, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, tools, and much more! It’s the perfect place for bargain seekers and DIYers to shop and find great deals for everything from small projects to large home remodeling updates.

Donations from local contractors, retailers, metro area businesses, and people like you ensure that our inventory changes daily!

If you haven’t visited us lately, please stop by and check out some of the improvements we’ve made to the store. Outside, we’ve replaced the roof and updated the exterior with some new signage and lights. Inside we’ve upgraded the lights to LEDs and added security cameras. There is certainly more to do, but we are excited about these improvements. Next on our list are remodeled bathrooms, a new checkout counter, and a new parking lot.

Would you like to help us do more? We need your support to address the parking lot, bathrooms, and check-out desk. Be a part of it by adopting a pothole today!

ReStore is also a green alternative to disposing of used home improvement materials. On average, ReStore keeps over one million pounds of usable materials out of local landfills and into home building, remodeling, and creative arts projects per year.

The ReStore is a robust community of customers, donors, and volunteers. It is a cycle of giving that helps our community thrive. Keep the cycle going, donate, shop, and volunteer at Habitat ReStore.

ReStore Hours

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 6

Saturday: 10 – 4

Find us at

210 11th Street N

Moorhead MN 56560

Volunteer at the ReStore

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of the ReStore. Whether one day a month or every day for a few hours, we’d love your help. Volunteers are needed in various roles: cashier, appliance testing, cleaning and organizing, working on our deconstruction crew, or picking up donations on our truck. Interested? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Brianna at 218-359-0814 or brianna@lakeagassizhabitat.org.

Learn more about becoming a ReStore Volunteer by clicking the button below!

Sign up to Volunteer!

Donation Guidelines

ReStore accepts:

  Cabinets, up-to-date and not damaged

  Furniture in good condition, no rips or stains, dressers, tables, couches, chairs, bedroom sets, bookshelves, etc.

  Appliances in good working condition – Fridges, washers & dryers, ranges, etc.

  Doors and door accessories

  Plumbing: usable fixtures, parts, and supplies

  Electrical: usable fixtures, parts, and supplies

  Windows: insulated glass, no broken glass, no sashes or old storm windows accepted

  Hardware: knobs, hinges, locks, nails, cabinet pulls, nuts, bolts, screws

  Lumber: clean, no cracks, splits, or nails; at least 4 ft. long

  Roofing: no scrap metal materials please, bundled shingles & tar paper

  Carpet: new, no used carpet, at least 12’ X 8′ in size

  Tools: hand, garden, working power

  Flooring: wood (clean), ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate

  Kitchen and bath fixtures: neutral color, vanities, lighting, toilets & sinks. Toilets must be 1.6 gallons or less

  Millwork/trim: wood casing and base (clean), vinyl base, ceramic. Nails must be removed.

  Furnaces and air conditioners

  Paint: full gallons from businesses only. No used paint

●   Blinds: please wrap brackets and string to keep them organized and saleable.

●   Other items may be accepted. Please call 218-284-5253 to ask.

*All items must be donated during store hours or arranged to be picked up. No unauthorized dumping on ReStore/Habitat property is allowed. We do have cameras and will report any unauthorized dumping.  

ReStore will not accept:

  Toys, clothes

●   Glass Shower doors

  Electronics – computers

  Broken items- bricks, glass, or mirrors

  Partial, or used, cans of paint

  Paint thinner & other hazardous or toxic chemicals or pesticides

  Less than 5 lbs. of hardware—screws, nails, washers, bolts, etc.

  Rusted hardware—screws, nails, washers, bolts, etc.

  Used cast iron sinks or tubs

  Drinking fountains

  Open or used wallpaper

  Used carpet or used carpet pad

  Urinals or shower doors

  Partial sheet goods (less than ½ sheet)

  Window parts and pieces

  Trim or lumber less than 4 ft. long

  Damaged windows or doors

  Bricks: patio pavers, wall bricks, landscaping

*ReStore also has the right to refuse any donation because of its condition or potential disposal cost. No dumping is allowed on the ReStore property. We have video cameras and will report unauthorized dumping to the authorities. 


Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program

The Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program salvages usable building materials from homes, cabins, and businesses. All building materials are removed with care and taken to our ReStore where they are sold at a discount to the public. These sales help fund Habitat’s mission of building affordable homes for low-income families in Cass and Clay County.

Benefit of using our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program

  All materials salvaged serve as tax-deductible donations

  Deconstruction is done with care in a timely fashion

  Save on labor & disposal fees

  Materials salvaged are kept out of landfill

  Sale of salvaged materials at ReStore provide low-cost building supplies to the public

  All proceeds support the building of Habitat homes in Cass and Clay counties

To find out if our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program fits your needs please email or call at 218-284-5253 for a consultation and to schedule a walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Call or email our Restore manager for a consultation to see if our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program is suitable for your needs. Photos of the building materials you wish to have removed is appreciated.

Does the deconstruction service cost me anything?

No, our removal services are free. We ask that you allow us to take what we find salvageable and all other items that we deem unsaleable will be left for you to dispose of.

*Free will donations are accepted and appreciated. A donation will help us cover the costs of our truck, fuel, and staffing and will help us put more money into helping build affordable housing in our community. 

What do you deconstruct?

Our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program has been involved in many full house scrapes associated with property buyouts due to flood zones. We also do full kitchen removals and smaller projects approved on a case-by-case basis.

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity

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