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Partner Family Information

Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity is an exciting cornerstone of the Habitat ministry, and it is designed to meet these three important goals:
  1. Partnership
  2. Pride in Homeownership
  3. Development of skills and knowledge

It is important that each family tracks their own Sweat Equity hours. The Family Services Coordinator will monitor electronic sweat equity logs each week, send each family an update via email, and sign off on the hours logged in the spreadsheet. You’ll have the opportunity to submit anything that is missing from that week.

Any hours that are not tracked during the month will not count towards the household total. It is important to keep this updated and hit the minimum of 12 household hours every month until your family moves into the house.

Other Requirements

Our Partner Families have agreed to the requirements that are outlined in the “Letter of Acceptance”. This document will be referenced multiple times during your partnership.
Review "Letter of Acceptance"
Review "De-Selection Policy"
Homebuyer Savings Plan

Please remember that each Partner Family is responsible for saving $3,000, by the time we close on your Habitat house. You should open up a new savings account and will be expected to provide Brianna an update each month, until the required amount has been met.

  • ~$1,000 for the first year of insurance premium
  • ~$2,000 for the other closing costs (Initial escrow deposit, taxes, etc.)
Homebuyer Savings Plan - 2023 Builds
Build Photo Albums

Please upload any photos that you have take at each of our build sites!

2023 Builds

North Fargo

The Inyu Family

Border States Build – Dilworth

The Amuri Family

Barnesville Build

The Olgeirson Family

2024 Builds

2024 Build

The Deng Family

2024 Build

The Hussein Family

2024 Build

The Ali Family

Our Staff

Your primary contact person as a Partner Family, is Brianna Gruenberg.

There may be occasions where you will work with the other Habitat staff members, so we want you to be familiar with who they are.

Jim Nelson

Executive Director


Pete Christopher

Resource Development/Marketing Manager


Mike Vandal

Restore Manager


Brianna Gruenberg

Volunteer and Family Services Coordinator


Kyle Pieper

Construction Manager


Brad Poitra

ReStore Floor Supervisor

Anna Poitra

ReStore Cashier


Lake Agassiz Habitat
for Humanity

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity was started in 1991 by Phil Holtan, the campus pastor at Concordia College. The first home built was dedicated to the family on January 19, 1992. In the early years of LAHFH, there was no full-time staff, the Board of Directors and other dedicated volunteers took it upon themselves to make the dream of homeownership a reality for many families. LAHFH did, and still does, rely heavily on the support of the community to succeed.

In 2006 the Habitat ReStore opened its doors. The ReStore not only offsets the costs of operating the organization, but also diverts over a million pounds of reusable materials from local landfills every year.

Since the first home was built in 1992, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity has been able to build 72 homes locally and 40+ internationally through our tithing program.

Through the commitment and dedication of volunteers, businesses, congregations, community organizations and staff, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity will continue to serve families for years to come.