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Family Mentor Resources


You’ll find many helpful documents and resources on this page that you can reference during your time as a Habitat Family Mentor!

Click HERE to Log Mentor's hours!
Thank you for helping guide a Habitat Partner Family along their journey to homeownership!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Habitat Mortgages Explained
Full Mentor Manual
Sample Utility Bill Statements

If you have any specific questions about mentoring, please contact Brianna Gruenberg at brianna@lakeagassizhabitat.org or (218) 359-0814.

Partner Families are each given a Binder at their orientation meeting with the Family Services Coordinator. The binder includes all of the policies, education class lists, sweat equity information, calendars to log their sweat equity (then send a picture to Brianna, and instructions for logging sweat equity electronically using the Google form link.

They can visit lakeagassizhabitat.org/partnerfamily to find the links to track their sweat equity, sign up for volunteer days, view and upload photos from the builds, and view the policies included in their binder.

Volunteer Calendar
Tracking Homeowner Sweat Equity
Tracking Friends and Family Donated Hours
Mentor Testimonials:

“This was my first year becoming a mentor for a habitat family. I thought it would be a good experience for me to help a family through the process and give them guidance on how to get there, what to expect, etc.  One thing I didn’t expect was that I got so much more out of just getting to know and love this family throughout their build! 

The single mother and her children made me take a look at life and actually be really thankful for everything.  No matter how tired she was, from sleepless nights, or working 12-hour shifts, then to come home to work on Habitat classes, she always was thankful and happy.  Her children were always willing to help their mom out too, and so polite! I know the family has been through so much in their life, yet they still have faith, humility, and  happiness. 

As a mentor I found you not only give, you actually receive too!”

     – 2022 Family Mentor 

“Being part of the mentorship program with HFH has been a great experience as you truly understand the hard work and sacrifices each family puts forth to earn their home.  

I feel blessed to have built a relationship with the single mother and her family. She handled many challenges with so much grace and humility throughout the process.”

     – 2022 Family Mentor