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Barnesville Build

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We have opened up a separate application process for our homes in Barnesville, MN!
These applications will be due on October 31st (with the potential of extending the deadline). Click below to complete the online application, or contact Brianna if you would like to receive a paper copy of the application packet.

Are you interested in becoming our next homeowner? Click here to apply online!Email Brianna - Questions or Paper ApplicationMore Information about the Application Process
What is the Barnsville Build?

Coming together to help one of our own build a new future.

We are excited to be building a home in Barnesville, our second Habitat home in this great community. Over the summer and fall of 2023 we will bring donors, volunteers and other supporters together to help a family build a new home, and a new future. We also own additional land next to our 2023 Barnesville Build, where we would love to build 2 more affordable homes in the future!

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Who are we helping?

A hardworking family from within the Barnesville Community!

We often serve families that have overcome a lot of darkness in their past, but just need an extra hand UP to be able to make homeownership possible for them and their family. We have served families of all types, including a single person with no children, single mothers and their kids, two adult households with children, and three generation households. All of our families come to us with one thing in common - they need a safe, decent, and affordable place that they can truly call home!
When our future homeowners find out that they have been selected, they often feel waves of joy and relief; knowing that the community is coming together to support their efforts of bettering their lives and living situation.

Are you interested in becoming our next homeowner? Click here to apply online!Join our Barnesville Build email list!
How does the Habitat program work?

A hand UP, not a Hand OUT.

Habtitat homes are NOT free. Every Habtiat homeowner starts out as a homebuilder; contributing hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" by helping build other Habitat homes, working in our ReStore and other volunteer roles at Habitat, but mostly...helping to build their own home. They are also required to complete our awarded winning homeownership education program.

Once their home is built, they purchase the home from us through an affordable mortgage that is based on their income. Over the next 30 years, their payments will be "paid forward" and used to help sustain our mission and build future homes.

We can't do it alone, however. Your gifts are needed today to help purchase building materials, feed our volunteers, and pay for subcontractors. Your donations will be matched by the Barnesville homeowner and their family as they "pay forward" their mortgage payments and help build future homes. Please help make it happen with a donation today.

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