2019 Blitz

EVERYONE deserves a decent place to live.

At Habitat for Humanity, our vision is a world where every man, woman and child lives in a home that allows them to be healthy, safe and provides them the opportunity to thrive. With the help of thousands of donors and volunteers, we’ve made this vision a reality for 57 families in the FM area and 34 international families. But, our work is far from finished. There are thousands of families in our area alone that long for a decent place to live.

In 2019, we will be taking on a project that’s never been done in our area before, building 3 homes…in 10 days! From June 19-29th, we will be building homes that will outlast us all and help families thrive for generations to come!

BUT…we need YOUR help.

This will be a HUGE project for us and the entire FM area, but the homes will not build themselves. To make this a success, we will need some fantastic partners to help us with:

  • Fundraising. To help raise $550,000 to fund these 3 homes.
  • Volunteers. To help plan, promote, feed & build. 1,200-1,500 will be needed.
  • Food sponsors. To feed 100 volunteers, per day.
  • Hospitality sponsors. To help keep volunteers hydrated and provide snacks.
  • Media sponsors. To help promote this awesome event & entertain onsite volunteers.

Joining us in this effort is the Blitz Home Builders, a group of volunteers from around the country, who share our vision of helping families build their way out of poverty. Out of nearly 1400 Habitat affiliates, this group selected Fargo for their 2019 project and we can’t thank them enough. The Blitz Home Builders will bring their expertise in blitz builds (70+ homes) to help us with the coordination and implementation of this awesome project. To learn more, visit www.blitzhomebuilders.org.

Join us and help 3 more families have a place to call home!