Current Builds

In 2018, we are excited to be building 3 new homes, in partnership with our fantastic sponors.




In June, we will be starting our 19th Thrivent Build in the Fargo Moorhead area. Including this build, Thrivent Financial will have contributed more than $1.4 Million dollars to helping us build simple, decent and afordable homes in our community.

The partner family for the Thrivent Build is the Moore family, a single mom and her 2 kids. This build will take place in North Fargo. Click HERE to learn more.

If anyone understands how having a home can do great things for a family, it's a Realtor. We are honored to have the Fargo Moorhead Area Association of Realtors as a major sponsor this year. The Realtors have set thier goal high...they want to be the first sponsor to FULLY fund one of our homes and are doing so with a new and exciting tactic. By finding a donor for every dollar amount, $1-$500, they will raise enough for pay for this entire home! If you'd like to help, visit HERE to learn more. 

The partner family for the Realtor Build is the Dominquez family, a single mom and her 4 kids. This build will take place in West Fargo. 

We couldn't be more excited to be building in Dilworth this year. Our last Habitat build in Dilworth was in 2001. Starting late Summer, a brand new home will be going up in the Little Italy part of Dilworth. The City of Dilworth, in partnership with Clay County has provided a lot and we'll provide the home and the family...a great partnership! Currently, there is a condemed home standing on the lot. The home will be razed and we will build a new, beautiful home, which will help improve the entire neighborhood. 

The partner family on the Dilworth Build will be the Johnson family, a single mom and her daughter. Click HERE to learn more. 

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